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What is the future of Smart Home Control?
Dear Olivier.p

Currently, we offer one, two and even three-year licences, which allow the users to constantly experience an up-to-date product, with continuous development of new features, bug fixes, and future versions.

While with KNX - users search for stability and long-term reliability - the world of Voice Assistants and IoT in general - is moving at a different pace. We feel it wouldn't be responsible for us to expect longer than a 3-year commitment from our users - as nobody can really guarantee how the industry of Voice Assistants will look like in 5-years. At the same time, subscription guarantees a steady revenue stream, enabling us to add new updates to the core of our product - which are, of course, accessible for our customers free of charge - during the subscription time.

The 1HomeTeam

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RE: What is the future of Smart Home Control? - par Voxior - 08/12/2017, 16:34:06

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