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What is the future of Smart Home Control?
Dear KNX-Fr Forum users,

Let us take you to the future Smile

Meet 1Home, a company enabling integration of Voice Assistants (Alexa, Google Home) with Gira & Loxone Smart Home servers.

With simplicity at heart of 1Home's DNA, we enable you to make your home smarter in less than 5 minutes, as we do not require any additional hardware.

But not only that, you do not even require a Voice Assistant to test the solution - since there are a couple of Virtual Simulators around, enabling you to experience the new interface first and decide for a particular Voice Assistant later - Alexa or Google.

In addition to enabling the most intuitive interface of all, we also provide you with an ability to effortlessly set-up scenes in a simple-to-use dashboard.

We would love you to try out 1Home and hear your experiences with it, where we are good and where we could be better. Our product development process is deeply interconnected with our user community, so we would encourage you to think big, our exceptional development team could deliver your proposed features to the 1Home platform sooner than you think Wink

We’re looking forward to hear your ideas!

Let’s take Smart Homes to the future Smile

Visit us at:

1Home Team

P.S.: Google Home integration is currently in the certification process and available in beta. Please sign-up for the Beta Program here:
Google Home Beta

Thanks for this information. But your system is licensed based. Does it mean it has to communicate with an external server?
Why isn't it one time license?
Intégrateur en solutions domotiques résidentielles, tertiaires et industrielles
Dear Olivier.p

Currently, we offer one, two and even three-year licences, which allow the users to constantly experience an up-to-date product, with continuous development of new features, bug fixes, and future versions.

While with KNX - users search for stability and long-term reliability - the world of Voice Assistants and IoT in general - is moving at a different pace. We feel it wouldn't be responsible for us to expect longer than a 3-year commitment from our users - as nobody can really guarantee how the industry of Voice Assistants will look like in 5-years. At the same time, subscription guarantees a steady revenue stream, enabling us to add new updates to the core of our product - which are, of course, accessible for our customers free of charge - during the subscription time.

The 1HomeTeam

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