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using pKNyX to access real bus devices
Thanks for the public post!

Ok, this is really an interesting idea, and I think it exaclty matches what I planned to do, at least for the second part (abstraction access). One of my goal is to be able to automatically build a web interface sithout the need to configure anything on the client side: all informations have to be provided by the server.

At a global level, the server should provide a list of all devices (or, more exactly, all sub-parts of devices, which are more or less Group Objects, but not exactly) available; then, each 'device' should provide all usefull informations about itself: type (light, heater...), location (building, room...), DPT (, 9.001...) and so on.

Then, accessing information the way you describe seems logical; I have to admit that I didn't think about it before, as I'm not a web developer, but I like this idea.

One idea I have is to add some new objects in Function Block, at the same level of Group Object, dedicated to the above tasks. I don't know yet if it could solve all our needs, but as I said, I would like to keep the number of paradigms as low as possible, as python does.

Ok, this is for virtual devices. What about real devices? I would like to avoid the need to describe again the entire installation (real devices), as we do with linknx, but I don't see any way to avoid that. If we do so, how? I think virtual devices can act as relay to/from real devices as they are implemented right now. But I like the idea of having Proxies... Don't know yet if this should be some additionnal objects (a new paradigm is not the best choice), or if it can be implemented as specialization of existing objects... I'm open to any idea.

Last, I just wanted to say that I plan to use Ext JS 4 for the client app I have in mind; this framework seems very powerfull and looks nice.

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using pKNyX to access real bus devices - par KevinB - 03/03/2014, 19:06:56
RE: using pKNyX to access real bus devices - par fma38 - 03/03/2014, 23:00:06

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