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[pKNyX] Dev. release

I'm proud to announce the first working (still dev) release of pKNyX Smile

There are still tons of thing to do, but the core is now written, and working.

You can download the release here and use pip to install it.

Have a look at the examples to see how things work. These examples follow what I described in the proposal.

If you have questions, feel free to post here.

I just uploaded a new dev release (0.9.2).

There is now a tool to build a device structure from a template, and manage the launch.

Writing a device is even simpler, pKNyX managing more nasty things.

I wrote a little tutorial:

I just uploaded a new dev release (0.9.3).

The main change is the 'init' flag support: as soon as the stack is running, a read request is sent on all Group owning at least one GroupObject with the init flag set.

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