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esp8266 listening to knxnetip
hello all,
I am building a knxnetip client from one of this 5€ esp8266
[Image: NodeMcu-Lua-WIFI-Internet-2.jpg]

I manage to get the knx multicast packet using this link
and to roughly understand how to get the group address and the payload are written using the knx dissector of wireshark but need more information to make a more robust and universal code if anyone has the the knxnetip protocol, please share :=)

Using this I am already capable of using a knx switch and a knx gateway to switch on/off a led on the esp8266 (dimming is the next easy step).
The good thing about this setup is that there is no computer involved* of course it's not a replacement solution for wired knx, but I found this to be a great and cheap alternative to wireless knx (expensive with very little hardware available) and because all of us are faced one day or another with something not wired.
I will post a sample code (was surprisingly very easy to write and understand)
good news is that you can easily create the first knx RGB led bulb using this hardware for less than 30€
[Image: lyt-power-teaser.JPG]

*:not really true in my setup because the gateway is done with knxd but you could replace it with any knx router.
Very interesting! Thanks for sharing.
video full of exciting action
[Image: mqdefault.jpg]
switching on/off and dimming using a knx switch sending switching to 1/1/5 and dimming to 1/2/5, the esp8266 is connected to a PC for power supply and debugging.
For those asking, reaction time is less than 120ms between 80 and 120 probably (with logging enabled on the gateway and on the ESP8266)
source code available here:

please feel free to improve, and keep in mind that knx specification are now freely available:

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