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Listener problems
Hi all,

I have problems understanding the listener concept and how to configure.

I have a switch on an object and a status object... how to configure them ?

<object type="1.001" id="eg_gast_licht_ea" gad="3/0/0">Licht 1</object>
<object type="1.001" id="eg_gast_licht_ea_status" gad="3/0/2">Licht 1 Status</object>

My effect - I can switch the object once - but the status is not updated. So the design shows always an off - even when toggeled via switch.

In the log of linknx I see the change of "Licht 1" - but no changes in "Licht 1 status".

Can someone help me please, how a listener should be configured!!??



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